USG Teaching and Learning Conference: Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning

Roben Taylor

Dalton State College
Assistant Professor

Scholarship: Taylor, R. & Antrop-Gonzalez. (2014). “Understanding educators' perceptions of diversity and its influence on teaching" This is a newly developed research investigation that will serve to quantitatively measure future educator perceptions of diversity from several regional education programs. Estimated completion 2015

Taylor, R. (2015). National Youth At Risk. Mastering Math: Practical Strategies to Help Children Think About Numbers (Accepted). Savannah, GA March 2015.

Taylor, R. Sparks, A., Owens, M., & Holbrook, K. (2015). Changing Learning Outcomes Through Differentiated Instruction. Impacting Student Learning Conference. (Accepted). March 21, 2015

Leadership in Professional Associations: Site Examiner CAEP, Mid-South Educational Research Association – Technology

Service: List up to 3 major contributions in the past 3 years: School of Education

  • Assessment Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Field Experience/Handbook Committee
  • Education Program Providers (EPP)
  • Secondary Methods Proposal Ad-Hock Committee
  • Standard IV CAEP alignment evaluation for P12 students of DSC TCs

College Wide

  • Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

Faculty Resource Committee

Teaching or other professional experience in P-12 schools: Field Supervision, co-taught with students in elementary schools.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, April 8

5:00pm EDT